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  5 Rooms 3 - 4 Rooms 1 - 2 Rooms
  Each stay will welcome just one client, one family, one group of friends. 2 different clients cannot stay at the same time, the all house is always privatised just for one client.
  Daily Rate Minimum Length
of Stay
Daily Rate Minimum Length
of Stay
Daily Rate Minimum Length
of Stay
Low 5 750€ 3 Nights 3 750€ 3 Nights 2 500€ 3 Nights
Medium 7 500€ 3 Nights 5 500€ 3 Nights 3 400€ 3 Nights
High 10 250€ 3 Nights 7 500€ 3 Nights 4 500€ 3 Nights

The above grid does not include private events (lunchs, dinners, cocktails, private parties..).
All private events are subject to different pricing.


Low Season : 2020 : January 6th to 16th; January 26th to February 22nd; March 7th to April 3rd; April 8th to May 19th; July 16th to September 5th; October 27th to December 22nd

Medium Season : From February 23rd to 26 th; April 4th to 7th; May 20 th to 27th; June 11th to 23rd; July 10th to 15th; September 10th to 27th; October 8th to 20th

High Season : From December 23 to January 5; January 17th to 25th; February 27 to March 6th; May 28 to June 10th; June 24 to July 9th; September 6th to 9th; September 28th to October 7th; October 21th to 26th


High speed internet
The daily housekeeping service
Personalized welcome amenity
American breakfast for the entire party of 10 (5 rooms)
Access to an extensive list of TV and Apple TV channels
An outdoor parking space in front of the private entrance door
The daily service of our butler during 9 hours who also serves breakfast in the morning
The complete buyout of the house with five rooms, private rooftop, private entrance, indoor private heated pool